Grapes in perfumery

Grapes in perfumery

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The grape, a multifaceted note

Depending on the variety of grape chosen, the grape offers multiple fragrances. They can be sweet, tangy, bitter, juicy, pungent… Raisins can also bring other more candied notes. It must be said that the grape note is little used in fine perfumery. A priori, the grape rather integrates feminine scents and fruity scents, as in “Innocent Rock” by Thierry Mugler. Here, the grape is associated with lychee in top notes. A surprising blend of alcoholic fruit notes with black pepper and red rose. Innocent Rock, which certainly has a rock spirit, is intended for rebellious women. Where grapes express themselves best is when they meet other fruits, as in “Zen White Edition” by Shiseido. Here, the grape, always in the top note, is accompanied by apple, peach, lemon and also blackcurrant. The heart notes are entirely floral with rose, lily of the valley, freesia and gardenia. Finally, the base shows amber and woody notes. “Zen White Edition” is a multifaceted, surprisingly jovial fragrance.

The grape and its association with other olfactory families

Grapes are little exploited in perfumery, so we do not know all of their associations with other olfactory families. Apart from the fruity and floral notes, the grape is associated with oriental fragrances, as in the perfume “1881 Cerutti” by Cerutti. Here, the grape is positioned as a heart note. It pairs nicely with olive leaf and Sicilian tangerine. This fragrance is a very luminous, velvety and sensual floriental. Another incredible combination of grapes is when Serge Luttens created Fumerie Turque. Spicy-oriental fragrance which is part of the “Les Somptueux” collection. The Corinthian grape is positioned as a top note, accompanied by jasmine and honey. The association of grapes with tobacco and oriental spices offers a scent that tells a story of an ancient journey. 

White or black, the grape is a very consumed and very appreciated fruit. Synthetically reproduced, grape notes are rarely used in perfumery. They are found mainly with floral and fruity fragrances. However, sometimes we find the grape in oriental flavors, where it goes particularly well with spicy notes ... A fruit to discover.

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