Pure Malt in perfumery

Pure Malt in perfumery

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The Aromatic Palette of Pure Malt

Pure Malt offers a diverse array of scents that vary depending on its combinations. Fundamentally, Pure Malt provides peaty and woody scents to which numerous facets are added. On the fruity side, Pure Malt emits aromas reminiscent of raspberries, dried fruits, or even citrus fruits. For gourmand scents, Pure Malt develops notes similar to caramel, honey, or toffee. From a floral perspective, Pure Malt presents scents akin to heather, hay, fresh flowers, or freshly cut grass. Finally, Pure Malt can also offer tones close to barley cereal or smoked barley.

Pure Malt in Perfumery

Thierry Mugler's "A*Men Pure Malt" fragrance has demonstrated that Pure Malt and perfumery are a wonderful pairing. Described as a woody, peaty malt, this atypical fragrance offers both fruity and smoky scents. The creation of Thierry Mugler's "Pure Malt" perfumes is inspired by whiskey production methods, with the fragrance being aged in barrels for no less than eight weeks, similar to a fine whiskey. At present, only a few other perfumers have had the audacity to use Pure Malt in their creations. Some, like L'Artisan Parfumeur or Hermès with "Épice Marine," have incorporated touches of whiskey into their compositions, but this remains a rarity.

Malt, a germinated cereal, is used in beverages such as beer and whiskey. Pure Malt refers to whiskeys made solely from germinated barley. Malt offers a wide range of scents and tones that vary according to its associations and combinations. Thierry Mugler's daring incorporation of Pure Malt into perfumery has demonstrated its potential in this domain. The "A*Men Pure Malt" collection has revealed that Pure Malt harmoniously blends with the world of perfumery, even though the techniques used differ from those applied to other materials.

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