Papaya in perfumery

Papaya in perfumery

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Papaya and its olfactory and aesthetic virtues

Papaya was for centuries a fruit both eaten but also used by Mexicans to relieve stomach aches and gastric infections. Moreover, even today, papain, the juice of the papaya tree, is a remedy recognized by the Codex to treat gastric or duodenal insufficiencies 

Besides its therapeutic aspect, papaya is also widely used in cosmetics, especially in anti-aging products because it naturally contains a beautiful variety of powerfully effective antioxidants.

In perfumery, the papaya note, reconstituted thanks to the synthetic molecule, still remains relatively confidential. However, some great juices have not hesitated to give the note of papaya with other exotic, oriental or floral scents ...

Papaya for rare perfumes with scents from elsewhere 

The papaya note is mainly used in the perfumes of the 90s to obtain floral and fruity juices with a skilfully studied taste of some exoticism. Mainly used as a top note, papaya will offer its fresh, sweet and exotic scent to highlight white musks, jasmine or iris. Hugo Boss's “Hugo Woman” released in 1997 is typically made of this type of association between fresh top notes of papaya and melon-green apple which launch the juice towards armfuls of white flowers to end in the wake. deep vanilla and sandalwood. “MV” by Madeleine Vionnet or even “Le Roy Soleil” by Salvador Dali will follow this exotic olfactory path with brio and a few variations.

Then the 2000s offered the papaya note new and more original destinations by mixing with oriental and mainly summer fragrances. Thanks in particular to Escada and its scented summer waters which want to take us to distant sunny lands, papaya diffuses its scents in totally original and innovative perfumes. 

The lovely fruity floral Rockin 'Rio from Escada, offers its admirers in 2005 to travel to Brazil thanks to the top notes of papaya, pineapple and tangerine. The mixture of its top exoticism will be ideal with the notes of pina colada and night jasmine which will melt in a bath of coconut milk and sandalwood… A great perfume particularly appreciated, although unfortunately released in limited edition!

Two years later, Escada renews the olfactory summer trips, this time offering Sunset Heat. The papaya note is always in the top note accompanied by other exotic fragrances but this time they serve to exhale hibiscus and peach… Another great success!

The papaya note is therefore, for the moment, exclusively reserved for feminine perfumes. Although relatively confidential compared to other fragrances, it has the great merit of being used in almost unique and above all very original juices, which allows it to mark minds and noses!

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