Hay in perfumery

Hay in perfumery

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The absolute of hay, the happiness of the perfume is in the straw!

It might seem a bit strange to neophytes, however hay is one of the raw materials of choice in perfumery! And yes, if we like exotic materials, precious woods or rare aromatics, all it takes is a haystack to create deep and intense wakes in a great scent. Without even needing to recreate the note as a synthetic molecule, which is rather rare

Hay absolute is created using dried hay, from several types of herbs if possible, which is distilled with water vapor from which the olfactory principles are extracted with solvents. The raw material is therefore relatively easy to obtain, of French origin and thanks to mixtures of different varieties of herbs can offer many facets.

A little note of hay in your woody and citrus scents?

The very first perfume to have used the note of hay as a base note is much older than the trend of the 2000s of the great return to nature Because it is the precious and now rare Russian Leather from Chanel. Cuir de Russie does not tell us about the countryside but about this beautiful Slavic country that the perfumer has tried to reconstruct with a mixed woody-chypre with citrus notes at the top then floral notes made intense by the fawn scents of hay, leather and cade in particular.

We will have to wait until the 1970s to finally see the hay note in the famous citrus Eau de Courrèges from Courrèges. The hay note is also used here as a base note to release flowery and delicately tangy-spicy scents.

The note of hay will appear thereafter in many woody and citrus fragrances for men especially but also for women. Hay is very often in the base note associated with the powerful wakes of oak moss and vetiver, like Patou pour homme by Jean Patou or Signoricci 2 by Nina Ricci.

The 2000s and their new fragrances will reveal the note of hay in new associations such as with Orientals, gourmet aromatics such as Brin de Licorice by Hermès. For a few years now, florals seem to finally appreciate the note of hay at its true value, as their ancestor from Caron Farnesiana proved to them Thus Loving bouquet by Escada or even Hiris by Hermès. adorned with hay to better exhale the fields of flowers!

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