Cedar leaf in perfumery

Cedar leaf in perfumery

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However, cedar does not only produce gasoline, thanks to its leaves it can also become a pleasant, delicate and woody essential oil while being fresher and sparkling than its classic counterpart. The note of cedar leaf is therefore certainly less known than the note of cedar, but just as interesting to use as a raw material for perfumery.

Cedar and its multiple raw material in perfumery

We are all very familiar with cedar scents having smelled them at least once in men's fragrances or scented products. This essence is created from different types of cedar: Atlas cedar (mainly from North Africa), Texas cedar or even Virginia cedar.

The Virginia cedar, reaching heights of 20 meters, grows in North America as in Canada and allows not only to create an essence thanks to its bark but also to produce an essential oil thanks to its leaves: the essential oil of leaves. of cedar. However, it takes 15 years before being able to produce this oil, so the note of cedar leaf in perfumery, both invigorating and delicately woody, is rather rare.

Cedar leaf essential oil in masculine woody scents

The scented note of cedar leaf creates tonic and woody accords where the cedar note will be more powerful, more woody but less fresh. Thus, the fragrances which use the note of cedar leaf are rather woody-aromatic or woody-hesperidic and use it in top notes or in heart notes. Anyway the cedar leaf binds to fresh and lively scents while being original.

In 2000, Caron's L'Anarchiste offers a note of cedar leaf in a woody heart invigorated by citrus at the top and counterbalanced by white musks at the bottom. The fragrance is both elegant and contrasting in order to offer an explosive cocktail!

Then in the following years, the aromatic woods will take over the note of cedar leaf to enhance the aromatic or spicy heart notes of their fragrances. In Versace Man FRESH WATER the cedar leaf frames sage and tarragon, in Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein the cedar leaf is associated in the hearts with sage and basil and finally in the astonishing Saltus from Liquides Imaginaires, the heart notes are composed of cedar leaf, black pepper and elemi.

Although very suited to woody notes that are innovative and fresh, cedar leaf also knows how to enhance itself in new fragrances and in less obvious olfactory families. For example, Graphite from Montana, an oriental, uses the cedar leaf note associated with pepper, bergamot and violet as a top note where the surprising aromatic citrus Succus from Liquides Imaginaires embellishes its heart. spices, fruit, sea notes and cedar leaves! The cedar leaf therefore allows all the daring!

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