Sugar in perfumery

Sugar in perfumery

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Gluttony in a bottle

Because smell is inseparable from taste, perfumers one day decided to tackle sweets… Red fruits, vanilla, praline, marshmallow, caramel, liquorice, chocolate or even cotton candy! When it comes to sweets, you should know that anything goes. It is Thierry Mugler who is the precursor of gourmet perfumes. Thanks to Angel, released in 1992, Thierry Mugler innovates and opens the way to gourmet perfumes. In 2014, Thierry Mugler introduced Angel, Eau Sucrée, a fragrance that sold out in no time. Yes, sugar attracts our sense of smell, even if it hides harmoniously in our bottles. In addition, sugar is increasingly seen as sexy. It is true that certain gourmet perfumes secretly affirm Eat me, leaving everyone free of any interpretation

Sugar and its olfactory association

Sugar, master of gourmet fragrances, is associated with all olfactory families. Among the most gourmet perfumes, note of course Angel, but also La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain, famous with its cherry accord, or Sweet (and So Sweet) by Lolita Lempicka with its cherry accord. cocoa, or Bonbon by Viktor & Rolf, and its fruity-caramel accord. We note that men also need their sweet tooth, especially with Diesel's Only the Brave Wild (coconut), or even Kenzo Homme Night by Kenzo (mango-coconut). Sweet and gourmet notes are found in oriental fragrances such as Elixir des Merveilles by Hermès (vanilla, chocolate, milk), Gourmand Coquin by Guerlain (vanilla, chocolate, rum.We also find sugar in floral arrangements such as in Amor Amor Absolu by Cacharel (praline, vanilla, blackcurrant) or in Ange ou Démon, le Secret Poésie d'un Hiver 2011 by Givenchy (gingerbread, honey , cinnamon, praline), or in Anaïs Anaïs Premier Délice by Cacharel (cocoa, vanilla, caramel, orange, pear). 

Who said that gluttony was a bad thing? Surely not our perfumers! Thanks to Angel, released in 1992, gourmet perfumes are an integral part of our perfumes. In perfumery, sugar comes in many notes, such as praline, chocolate, caramel, red fruits, carambar, marshmallow, and goes perfectly with all olfactory families.

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