Saffron in perfumery

Saffron in perfumery

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Saffron, a spicy beauty

Saffron, which is a spice, is naturally classified in the spicy olfactory family, just like cinnamon, cloves or cardamom. Saffron has a spicy smell but with a leathery, even tarred, side. Either way, scents that include saffron are unmistakably scents of character. From the discovery of distillation, which extracts precious oil from spices, perfumery began to use spices. Saffron makes it possible to spice up the compositions, but above all its facets are different from those of nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves. Red gold in perfumery is very modern, but few perfumers use it. A very beautiful perfume to have paid homage to him, it is Hermès Golden Neroli Water.The Hermès house perfumer spent all his childhood on the shores of the Mediterranean. Here, he pays homage to the scents of his childhood.

The harmony of saffron and other olfactory families

Like its olfactory family, saffron takes its place in oriental perfumes. He brings to it his leathery fragrance as well as his strong character, as in the perfume Ange ou Démon by Givenchy. In this oriental-floral, saffron is found in the top note, accompanied by thyme and mandarin. The floral heart composed of ylang-ylang, orchid and lily, brings a real lightness as well as an undisguised sensuality. As in this perfume, we see that saffron goes perfectly well with floral notes. The ones that suit him best are the lily, the violet or the rose, because they are temperamental flowers. In Lancôme's Magnifique fragrance, the top note of saffron is judiciously combined with rose and jasmine. The colored bottle of passion and saffron is a real call to sensuality.Saffron is also associated with warm and creamy notes, such as vanilla, tonka bean or white musks.

Red gold has long been considered a luxury item. It was an integral part of Greek mythology, and carries many symbols. Saffron is a spice with a strong character. It is distinguished by its leathery and tarry smell. Saffron is found naturally in oriental perfumes. However, it associates with floral, woody or vanilla notes.

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