Angel's Trumpet Fragrances

Brugmansia | Flowers
Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Angel's Trumpet | Scent profile: a very fragrant variation of datura plant, sweet, penetrating, intoxicating, tropical night flower scent
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Verona Fame
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Verona Fame

SKU: Ricci Ricci

SKU: Ricci Ricci

VENDOR: Nina Ricci

Enhance your natural look with this rich and sophisticated Verona Fame Eau De Parfum. This feminine scent combines deep notes of tincture of rose, tuberose, and datura with intense notes of bergamot and rhubarb for a complex and glamorous scent...


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Datura is probably one of the most interesting herbs in our glossary of perfume notes. Researching Datura was quite a challenge, but the trip to the Mythological Garden was so interesting that I couldn't help but write a really long article and tell many fascinating stories I heard about it. topic. The purpose of this story is to help you understand many Datura themed scents in which this herb sometimes appears as an ingredient and very often as a whimsical concept around which the notes fit together.