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A Bellini is a famous Italian and internationally famous long drink cocktail. It is a sparkling blend of white wine (traditionally Prosecco, Italian sparkling white wine) and white peach puree. The drink began as a seasonal specialty at Harry's New York Bar in Venice, Italy, in 1948, a favorite haunt of Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, and Orson Welles. It later became popular in New York bars as well. Bellini has been used in perfumery recently. It caught the perfumer's interest with an elegant and lively scent - a charming composition of velvety, fruity notes of peach and fresh, rich aromas of apple and pear with a touch of citrus and champagne that blend into the floral bouquet. In other words, Bellini is an uplifting, slightly sweet scent with a pleasant ultra sophisticated complexity.