Black Currant Blossom Fragrances

Ribes nigrum, R. sanguineum Grossulariaceae | Flowers
Perfumes that contain fragrance note - Black Currant Blossom | Scent profile: sweet, fruity scent, less catty than the leaves and buds, with a tangy background nuance
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Blackcurrant is a bushy plant that reaches 2 meters in height. It is native to Northern Europe and Asia. Blackcurrant blooms in spring and pinkish-white flowers appear with the leaves. The scent of flowers is quite similar to the scent of leaves and fruits, fresh and intense, sweet with fruity undertones. There is a decorative variant of the red flowering black currant Redflower currant or Ribes sanguineum which comes from the mountainous regions of Mexico and California. This variance has the same olfactory characteristics as ordinary blackcurrant.