Incienso Fragrances

Incienso, also known as Frankincense, introduces a captivating, deeply spiritual dimension to a fragrance. Harvested from the Boswellia tree, its scent is characterized by a unique combination of sweet, woody, and spicy nuances, layered with an underlying balsamic warmth. Opening with a fresh, terpenic facet, it quickly unfolds into a rich, resinous heart that exudes an aura of ancient mystique. This heart is further accentuated by a slightly lemony, peppery top note, providing a sparkling contrast to its depth. The base reveals a subtle, enduring smoky quality, reflective of its traditional use in religious and spiritual rituals. Incienso lends fragrances a sense of timelessness and contemplation, its scent echoing centuries of sacred traditions.

Incienso Fragrances
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