Marron glacé Fragrances

Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Marron glacé | Scent profile: A sweet and savory note of glazed chestnuts.
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Champaca Cognac
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Champaca Cognac

SKU: Champaca Absolute

SKU: Champaca Absolute

VENDOR: Tom Ford

Elegant and tailored, yet very delicate, a woman you see from afar while on vacation. She wears small gold hoops and a white silk blouse. A Hermes scarf with wisps of pastel yellow. Jeans. Flats. She's running last-minute errands before her...


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Glazed chestnuts (or glazed chestnuts) are glazed chestnuts made from candied chestnuts in sugar syrup and glazed. Glazed chestnut originated in southern France and northern Italy and was invented shortly after the Crusaders brought sugar to Europe. The name of the delicacy comes from the French language. In French, chestnut and chestnut are used for chestnut, although chestnut denotes a better quality chestnut that peels more easily. This type of chestnuts is used for Candied Chestnuts, which are typically eaten on their own or used as ingredients for other desserts.