Collection: Olibanum Fragrances

The perfume note of Olibanum, also known as Frankincense, is a mystical tapestry of resinous warmth and ethereal coolness. Harvested from the Boswellia tree, Olibanum is renowned for its rich, complex scent, used in sacred rituals and meditation practices across cultures. The note is characterized by a spicy, slightly citrusy top layer, which soon gives way to a heart of smoky, sweet balsamic undertones. Its base emanates a warm, woody dryness, laced with a hint of earthy green. The Olibanum note lends an atmosphere of serenity and contemplation to a fragrance, adding depth and a touch of the divine. Its scent is both comforting and spiritually uplifting, weaving an enchanting narrative of ancient wisdom and timeless tranquility.

Olibanum Fragrances