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Cherry Perfume

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Cherry is a full-bodied trip into the once-forbidden. This contrasting fragrance exposes a tantalizing duality of frivolous, candy-like shine on the surface and delicious flesh on the inside.

Innocence meets indulgence with an opening that embodies the traditional perfection of the exotic cherry fruit—black cherry's luscious flesh drenched in cherry liqueur glistens with a tempting hint of bitter almond. The heart of the perfume breaks out in cherry waves of sweet and bitter. When combined with Griotte syrup, luscious fruits, and stunning flowers make for an unforgettable flavor experience. This sambac of Turkish Rose and jasmine permeates your senses and your spirit. The dry-down has Peru balsam and roasted Tonka, which provide a fresh picture of this famous emblem. When sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar are added, the scent takes on a fantasy-inspiring degree of wildness.

Top Notes

Black Cherry - After the first spray, you immediately receive a strong cherry scent. The deep Black Cherry note is a fresh, juicy, and tart fruity scent. Yet, the acidity is toned out considerably by the sweet notes in this fragrance. This fruit-forward note starts quite strong first but diminishes after the first hour or two of use.

Cherry Liqueur - The Liqueur fragrance is also quite strong initially. This is a cherry fragrance with a punch of the liquor note. Still, this somewhat alcoholic smell fades quickly, leaving a very cherry fragrance. It is a powerful, almost synthetic, wild cherry explosion with a sweet almond and liquor undertone.

Bitter Almonds - This note is arguably one of the most noticeable notes in the scent since it smells like maraschino cherries, almond extract, and cherry candy combined. This candied sweet smell strikes you as soon as you spray the fragrance and gives you a nostalgic sensation. This is the sound that persists into the heart notes and dry down.

Heart Notes

Griotte Syrup is inspired by a cherry syrup composed of blended sugars and cherry essence, typically combined into an alcoholic cocktail. This syrupy sweet scent is highly fruit-forward with notes of macerated berries, which is a rich, sweet, and decadent note. This sound persists well beyond the third to the fourth hour of wear.

Turkish Rose - This note is of Rose provides a powdery, woody, and fruity feminine aspect to the entire scent. You will not pick out the rose note separately. Yet, it gives an extra feminine element and gentle freshness from the flowery scent.

Jasmine Sambac - This Arabian jasmine blossom is endemic to the Eastern Himalayas provides a rich, sweet, and warm scent. This is a somewhat more masculine flower note, which helps balance out all the sweetness and feminine tones from the Turkish Rose. This particular jasmine has more musky and spicy undertones, which is what remains on the skin as the scent progresses into a complete dry down and long-term wear. This scent persists further into the wear period during the third to the fourth hour of use.

Base Notes

Peru Balsam - This component comes from a Myroxylon tree, mainly found in South America. It is quite a procedure to recover this unique substance from the tree. It involves peeling the bark, extracting the resin, and boiling it in water. This thick resin contains aspects of vanilla and cinnamon with a tiny amount of bitterness and earthiness from a hint of green olive. This note comes out after the scent wears for about an hour or so. It is a sweet and earth dry down. This vanilla note remains throughout the entire duration of this scent.

Roasted Tonka Beans - This tiny bean is rich in depth and complexity, which is why it is frequently a popular foundation note in many perfumes. Again, typically obtained from South America, this note originates from the oriental scent family. To extract the aroma, they typically soak the beans in rum, then dried. And the white crystals that develop on top are collected. A very laborious procedure if you ask me. This note provides a sweet scent with a vanilla or almond resemblance and more profound overtones of tobacco. It has a creaminess to the overall smell.

Sandalwood -This note is a strong woody, oriental note with a milky undertone and a slight green top note. This note provides much depth to the entire scent and gives it that deep warm sensation.

Vetiver - This tropical plant is native to India and frequently gives a smoky depth to scents. The notes from this component prevalent in this scent are the earthy and woody tones that ground the smell and provide much depth. The grassiness typically associated with this note is disguised by the overpowering tones of spice and sweetness in this scent.

Cedar - This note provides a woody floral musk to the entire scent, complementing the flowery notes from the Turkish Rose and Jasmine and providing much depth. This woody depth is exceptionally prominent in the dry down of this scent. It lingers on the skin throughout the remainder of the fragrance's wear duration.

The Experience

 Many remarked it reminded them of maraschino cherries. This scent is an enjoyable and elegant smell. This take on a fruit scent is vibrant and distinctive. 

This fragrance starts as a very fruit-forward fragrance, coming off very much like a jar of maraschino cherries and a sweet liqueur but dries down and is a hot and cozy fragrance that makes you want to curl up in your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks, light the fireplace, and throw on a movie. As it wears, it gets so much warmer, spicier, and cozier. The fruitiness fades, and you're left with a pleasant, spiced-vanilla fragrance. It isn't an excessively sugary scent but has that warm and gentle sweetness.

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