Do men prefer women to wear mild or strong fragrances?
I do not doubt that there are men who enjoy funk! Yes, perfume should not be abused, but I would prefer to smell someone showered in perfume rather than feces. Many folks leave the house smelling like wet dogs and hotdog water. Of course, they find perfume irritating and "yucky." Real men adore a woman's aroma and all of her lovely fragrances.

Strong! Men, according to studies, like floral scents, although they prefer potent scents. Perfume has to be strong for you to notice it! People would think I was insane if I bottled water and offered it as a perfume named "Water" right now. Perfume is supposed to be strong, after all. People aren't willing to pay $100 for a scent that reminds them of air.

Heavy perfumes prominent in the Middle East/Arab world are increasingly gaining popularity in the Western world (land of fragrances).

I'm not going to spend much money on a scent that smells like water and air. Why am I paying so much for such a mild fragrance? I could take a shower, put on deodorant, and go! Perfumes and colognes should have character and depth. Linens and "warm cotton" have a strong appeal for men. Compliments, on the other hand, are reserved for heavier scents. It appears that the word "strong" has a negative connotation. "Strong" conjures up images of "too much" and "offensiveness." That is not the case!

Offensive does not imply strong. People who complain about perfume irritate me much! I'd rather wear the most potent perfume than funk all day.

A male must also be able to notice a fragrance, which means it must be strong. Even the ostensibly "softer flower scents." You'd be perplexed if I sprayed "air" on myself and asked you to smell it. Even the natural scent of the skin is heavy. Offensive does not imply heavy/strong. I've never heard or read that males favor low-potency scents.

Strong scents, such as sandalwood and frankincense, are sensual and complex.

Men, too, enjoy soft scents. Claires' teeny-bopper body sprays don't seem to appeal to males.

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