Algae in perfumery

Algae in perfumery

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Seaweed: A vital component of our marine ecosystems

Seaweeds are aquatic organisms capable of photosynthesis, playing a crucial role in maintaining marine biodiversity and forming the base of the marine food chain. Despite their plant-like appearance, they are distinct from terrestrial plants. Seaweeds exhibit a wide range of morphologies, with numerous species ranging from unicellular to complex multicellular structures. They are currently the subject of extensive research for their potential as a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to petroleum, and as an exceptional anti-aging active ingredient in high-performance cosmetic formulas. Notable examples include alguronic acid, red algae, and Biotherm's golden microalgae.

Seaweed on our plates

Seaweeds are not only prized for their taste but also for their numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that various seaweeds possess properties that combat the development of breast tumors or cancer cells. They also have estrogen-blocking effects, reducing the risk of breast or prostate cancer. Similar to vegetables, seaweeds contribute to overall health as antioxidants, helping to mitigate cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. The iodine in seaweed also regulates thyroid hormone growth. However, it is essential to consume iodine-rich seaweeds in moderation, as excessive iodine intake can negatively impact thyroid function.

The iodized scent of seaweed in perfumery

In perfumery, seaweed is often used to impart a marine sensation to fragrances, creating refreshing scents with a subtle iodized character. For instance, seaweed features prominently in Biotherm's Eau Océane, particularly in its base notes, delivering an invigorating energy. This fragrance captures the euphoric sensations associated with the ocean. Seaweed is also present in other perfumes such as Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren, Oltre by Laura Tonatto, and Luxuriance Homme from the eponymous brand.

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