Algae in perfumery

Algae in perfumery

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Seaweed, an integral part of our seabed

Algae are living beings capable of photosynthesis and whose life takes place in an aquatic environment. They are essential for biodiversity and are the basis of a marine food chain. Generally speaking, algae are often defined as opposed to terrestrial plants. The morphology of algae is nevertheless very diverse. Indeed, there are many species, most of which are unicellular. Some are mobile, others form filaments, some are enveloping, sometimes entangled or with a complex architecture. Likewise, algae are the subject of numerous studies today. For some, they appear to be a renewable and ecological alternative to petroleum. Likewise, it is an outstanding anti-aging active. As such, she comes s'integrate into many high performance cosmetic formulas. Today, who has not heard of alguronic acid, the virtues of red algae or the golden micro algae from Biotherm?

Seaweed in our dishes

If seaweed is particularly present in our dishes, it is not only for its taste. Indeed, it is a particularly beneficial product for health. In this case, studies have shown that different algae have the ability to fight against the development of mammary tumors or cancer cells. In addition, algae tend to oppose estrogen, preventing breast or prostate cancer. Likewise, like a vegetable, seaweed helps maintain good health. It acts as an antioxidant and limits cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, hypertension or diabetes. Finally, the iodine in its composition regulates the growth of thyroid hormones. However,it is advisable not to constantly consume the most iodized seaweed because a too high concentration of iodine can, conversely, cause problems of functioning of the thyroid gland and be against beneficial.

The iodized scent of seaweed

In general, when it comes to perfumery, seaweed is used to give a marine sensation to perfumes that contain it. This makes it possible to create refreshing essences with a slightly iodized temperament. Thus, the algae is displayed, for example, in Eau Océane from Biotherm. It appears in particular in its base notes, providing an instant sensation of energy. This fragrance also makes it possible to relive the euphoric sensations experienced by the ocean. Likewise, seaweed is also present in Polo Sport by Ralf Lauren, Oltre by Laura Tonatto or Luxuriance Homme from the house of the same name.

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