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Angelica: A Versatile Green Note in Perfumery

Angelica is a captivating inspiration for perfumers, offering a unique array of suave and green fragrances. Its powerful scent encompasses herbaceous, woody, musky, peppery, and powdery notes. Present in both male and female perfumes, angelica provides intriguing compositions and harmonizes well with various olfactory families.

Guerlain's Angélique Noire pays homage to angelica's captivating essence, featuring its fresh notes alongside bergamot and blossoming into a voluptuous vanilla. In Kenzo's Couleur Kenzo Rose/Pink, angelica is combined with citrus notes and rose, contributing a woody and musky base thanks to saffron.

Pairing Angelica with Diverse Fragrance Families

Angelica's multifaceted nature allows it to complement an array of scents, often featuring in floral, woody, aromatic, and oriental fragrances. For instance, Guy Laroche's iconic Drakkar Noir incorporates angelica as a heart note, surrounded by cinnamon and coriander. The woody base of patchouli, vetiver, and oakmoss lends warmth to this sensual scent.

In Guerlain's Aqua Allegoria Angélique Lilas, angelica's affinity for green notes is showcased through a masterful blend with lilac and ylang-ylang, culminating in a seamless woody trail. The resulting fragrance is pure and sensual, romantic yet carnal.

Angelica's versatility also extends to oriental fragrances, as seen in Calvin Klein's Obsession Night. This alluring blend combines white flowers, oriental woods, and labdanum to create an intoxicating and harmonious scent.

Beyond its medicinal properties, which have earned it the moniker "herb of the angels," angelica's unique scent profile enriches perfumery with its green, herbaceous, and woody notes reminiscent of musk. Its presence in both men's and women's fragrances enhances compositions and harmonizes with diverse scent families, making it a valuable asset for perfumers.

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