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Angelica, a plant with green notes

Angelica is a source of inspiration for perfumers. If only by its name, but especially not its suave and green fragrances. The smell of angelica is powerful. Its notes are alternately herbaceous, woody, musky, peppery or powdery. Angelica is found in both male and female perfumes. Guerlain pays a vibrant tribute to angelica through its Angélique Noire fragrance for women. Here, the fresh and sincere accents of angelica are echoed in bergamot. All the fragrances finally bloom in voluptuous vanilla. Angelica is found either in the top, heart or even base notes, as in the fragrance Couleur Kenzo Rose / Pink by Kenzo. This floral for women is colorful and cheerful. Angelica is associated with citrus notes and rose. Thanks to saffron, angelica brings a woody and musky base to this very pretty perfume.

The association of angelica with other olfactory fragrances

Thanks to these different facets, angelica is associated with many fragrances. It is mainly found in floral, woody, or even aromatic fern scents, as in the very legendary Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche. Here, angelica is positioned as a heart note, accompanied by cinnamon and coriander. The woody base made up of patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss warms up this very sensual scent. Angelica, which goes perfectly with green notes, thus offers very beautiful scents, as for Aqua Allegoria, Angélique Lilas by Guerlain. The angelic heart-lilac tinged with ylang-ylang, blends into a woody trail to perfection. The subtle meeting of all its fragrances gives a pure but sensual fragrance, romantic but carnal We sometimes discover the angelica in oriental perfumes like in Obsession night by Calvin Klein, a mixture of white flowers, oriental woods and labdanum particularly successful.

With its medicinal virtues, angelica is also called herb with angels. In perfumery, angelica offers green, herbaceous but also woody, powdery notes similar to those of musk. As well present in perfumes for men as for women, angelica offers particularly surprising compositions. It goes perfectly with floral, woody, aromatic and even oriental fragrances. A real asset for perfumers.

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