Star anise in perfumery

Star anise in perfumery

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Star anise, Chinese fennel or even star anise

The star anise, fruit of the badan tree native to China, was brought back from its Asian land by the famous Marco Polo. However, its use intensified only several centuries later, star anise being expensive and having a bad reputation for attracting rodents in times of plague. Yet star anise or star anise, had a famous lover who lost her mind… Marie-Antoinette! She cultivated the badanier quite simply for its aesthetic aspect and for the divine smell of its fruits once dry.

It was not until the 18th century that we really made use of this beautiful star anise spice, which will flavor drinks and spice up dishes by giving them a soft anise touch, very pleasant to the palate. The typical fragrance of this 8-pointed star will be used later to create essential oils with digestive and stimulating properties. Of course, the creators of perfumery were quick to discover this aromatic spice with powerful fragrances to coat them in woody or aromatic juices. And many more afterwards

The passionate love story between star anise and men's fragrances

Star anise, like many other olfactory members of the aromatic family, has perfumed for several decades men who have decided, finally, to supplant ferns and other traditional woods for more invigorating and original facets.

In woody, aromatic or even ferns, star anise appears mainly in top notes associated with other spices or aromatics such as lavender or rosemary. The woody perfumes using star anise in top notes are famous, to name but a few: Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent, L'Eau Bleue by Issey Miyaké or even Révélation by Pierre. Cardin.

The fern family associated with star anise as a raw material, however, is not in dislike of the big names in perfumery! Thus the famous Diesel Fuel for life with surprising multiple olfactory facets, is discovered on top notes of star anise associated with lavender and mint.

Star anise or star anise is therefore one of the star raw materials for men's perfumes at the moment. However, some noses do not hesitate to associate star anise with other less traditional ingredients such as Orientals for men or women or even citrus Star anise is therefore going to explore new olfactory avenues for our greatest pleasure. !

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