Cappuccino in perfumery

Cappuccino in perfumery

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Cappuccino, the famous coffee drink

Cappuccino is a very famous drink today. Originally, it was inspired by the Viennese cafes of Austria from the 16th century. The existence of cappuccinos, on the other hand, is more contemporary and dates back to the post-war period, in the 1950s. More specifically, it is a preparation based on traditional coffee, topped with milk foam. creamy and sweet. Today, the success of cappuccino is such that specialists even dress their cups of coffee with an artistic effect and designs directly created in the milk froth. When made by a professional, cappuccino must be precise. It contains about 25 to 30 ml of espresso coffee and 100 to 180 g of milk, at 5 °, frothed by the action of steam. For more generosity, whole milk, creamy to perfection, is often preferred. The result is a comforting drink, possessing all the ardor of typical Italian espresso coffees, associated with the extreme sweetness of a creamy and airy foam.

Cappuccino, a gourmand ingredient much appreciated by perfumers

Before the 90s, it was almost inconceivable to imagine a perfume whose scent evokes an edible ingredient. However, Thierry Mugler revolutionized this trend by inventing the first gourmet fragrance in history: the iconic Angel. Since then, gourmet essences have become widespread and constitute one of the most popular olfactory families on the planet. This phenomenon therefore wonderfully explains the rise of the cappuccino accord in fragrances. In addition, cappuccino is an excellent raw material to play in a greedy and unctuous register, without falling into the escalation of sweets. It is creamy and round, without lacking in character. It preserves in it the slight bitterness of coffee and therefore deploys a very nuanced flavor rich in depth.

Many perfumers today have fun with this fragrant accord and incorporate cappuccino into their composition. Among the most famous creations that contain it, know that the cappuccino is present in Rochas Man by Rochas or A * Men Ultimate by Thierry Mugler.

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