Hazelnut in perfumery

Hazelnut in perfumery

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The hazelnut harvest

The hazelnut is the fruit of the common hazelnut tree. It is also called filbert and also designates by metonymy the seed contained in this fruit and which is edible. The hazelnut is a shell with a woody pericarp and containing a single seed occupying its entire cavity. This part is what we eat. It is a more or less ovoid cock fruit that can reach 3 cm long and about 2 cm in diameter. Until maturity, the hazelnut is protected by an envelope divided into irregular lobes at the level of its end. Depending on the species, it turns out to be more or less enveloping and, with or without large stocky, dry and sometimes prickly hairs. Generally, hazelnuts grow in clusters of two or three fruits. When these are ripe, the envelope s'dries up and opens at its end. This is how the fruit of the hazelnut is exposed to daylight and takes its brown color. Likewise, it is at this moment that the seed of the hazelnut concentrates in sugar, oil and minerals. This maturation takes place in autumn and the picking of the hazelnut is thus carried out from the end of August to September. Once harvested, it is then necessary to remove the shell of the hazelnut to prevent it from molding. Today Turkey is the world's largest producer and exporter. Hazelnuts are grown there on the shores of the Black Sea, in the northeast of the country. Nevertheless, Italy is the second largest producer in the world, far ahead of France which ranks ninth. 

The various uses of hazelnuts, including in perfumery

Hazelnuts are used in many ways. Its almond is eaten as a dry fruit and can also be grated into powder or shavings for pastry or confectionery. Likewise, when pressed, it produces an edible oil which is prone to rancidity. If the hazelnut is very appreciated in terms of taste, in addition to its flavor, it is also because it is rich in omega 9, magnesium, iron, fiber, copper, phosphorus as well as vitamin E and B. It thus fights against cellular aging, bad cholesterol, colon cancer, rheumatism, anemia, stress and fatigue. In perfumery, on the other hand, the hazelnut is fully reconstituted by the perfumer. Its oil is nevertheless used in cosmetics. 

The hazelnut brings to the perfumes which contain it a green, slightly woody note, at the same time sweet and greedy. Perfumers particularly appreciate it for its toasted flavor reminiscent of praline. Thus, it is proudly displayed in Thierry Mugler's latest juice, Angel Muse.

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