Lemongrass in perfumery

Lemongrass in perfumery

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Moreover, the note of lemongrass is typically tangy, slightly grassy and above all knows how to adapt to very varied mixtures of fragrances ranging from floral to oriental and woody to citrus with lightness and joy!

Lemon grass, this pretty Indian plant that is anything but verbena!

Typical of tropical regions, lemon grass has many surprising and varied properties. First born in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, it was used to treat Asians with a decoction of its leaves that was used to heal infected wounds, cuts and sore eyes. It was also commonly used in tea then called fever tea to relieve stomach aches and migraines. Perhaps this is why the lemongrass has also been given the nickname Indian verbena? However, he has little to do with her

Today lemongrass is mainly used in aromatherapy for its multiple properties (including that of warding off mosquitoes ) in cooking where it perfumes Asian dishes with its tangy touch as well as in perfumery where the note of lemongrass is particularly strong. appreciated for its originality, its unique fragrance and its ease of matching with many olfactory notes.

Lemon grass-based perfumes: original and free!

It is clear that the sparkling, fresh, tangy and fragrant note of lemongrass leaves no one indifferent! However, with the exception of the pretty exotic floral Pluie de Fleurs from Cinq Mondes, lemongrass appeared in our perfumes relatively late and especially between 2014 and 2016.

The year 2014 finally has the pleasure of welcoming to the market two masculine fragrances which will carry lemongrass in top notes, each serving specific fragrances. Only The Brave Wild by Diesel, an oriental-fern, uses lemongrass associated with grapefruit, pink berries and cloves to offer an entry into its invigorating and exotic scent.

As for Carven's Vetiver, he revisits the famous 1957 fragrance created by Caron to modernize it while retaining its original accord. Thus the notes of lemongrass, citrus fruits and bergamot open with punch the aromatic and flowery hearts while leaving this eternal trail of vetiver, sandalwood and benzoin so dear to Caron. Moreover the following year, this great house will again use lemongrass for its aromatic amber fragrance Pour un Homme Sport where the pretty herbaceous will rub shoulders with mint and lemon for a definitely sporty entry!

Lemongrass, a rather rare scent note therefore, seems to flourish in the ranges of men's perfumery. However, some noses do not hesitate to venture on this pretty olfactory trail by using it in a flowery scent! Chloé fleur de parfum by Chloé released in 2016 actually dares the lemongrass in top note to give sparkle and freshness in its pretty flights of flowers. The lemongrass probably hasn't said its last word!

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