Mango in perfumery

Mango in perfumery

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The mango and its invitation to travel

Mango is mainly used in feminine creations. She brings her fruity and exotic touch with lactonic accents. Its scent is reminiscent of tropical fruits and invites you to travel. To obtain a greener note in perfumery, we then use green mango. Irresistibly attractive, the fruits attract more and more noses. The mango is often used in eau de toilette or in summer perfumes. It is generally found in the top note, and sometimes in the middle note, as in Kenzo's Kenzo Jungle perfume, accompanied by liquorice and ylang-ylang. In top notes, we discover the clove with cumin. Finally, in base notes, vanilla, amber, cashmeran and patchouli are judiciously mixed. This spicy oriental is surprising,thanks to the mixture of spices, fruits, licorice and amber. The fragrance is powerful and even elusive.

Mango and other olfactory fragrances

Very fruity and sweet, mango is difficult to associate with olfactory families. It is mainly found with floral fragrances, as is the case for Lady Million Eau My Gold by Paco Rabanne and Boss Woman by Hugo Boss. In these two scents, mango is in the top note and accompanies flowers such as iris or violet. Like other fruits, mango is also associated with woody fragrances such as amber, vetiver, cedar, sandalwood or patchouli. This is the case for the perfume for men Kenzo Homme Night, where mango is invited as a heart note, accompanied by geranium and mugwort. In top note, we discover coriander, grapefruit as well as a note of cardamom. Guaiac wood, tonka bean and vetiver are part of the base notes.Kenzo has decided to revisit its perfume for men with a more sensual and nocturnal side. Kenzo Homme Night is energetic and magnetic, it is aimed at seductive but playful men.

Mango is the most popular exotic fruit. Very juicy and fleshy, the mango brings a sparkling and fresh side to the compositions. The mango is mainly associated with feminine perfumes, but sometimes constitutes a surprise as for the perfume Kenzo Homme Night. Mango is often invested in floral scents. There, she can leave all its freshness. Still rarely used in perfumery, mango is a scent to discover.

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