Aromatic accord in perfumes

Aromatic accord in perfumery

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Later, aromatic herbs were also used as raw materials to reveal predictions. The first real scent accords for beauty products made their appearance in the Middle Ages; a trend which was greatly amplified in the 17th century. From then on, aromatic herbs entered the composition of the traditional Eau de Cologne, very popular in the last century and constituting the beginnings of our current perfumery. In other words, the aromatic accord is a scent that is almost ingrained in our DNA. It is a timeless one that appeals to all generations, whether it is a female or male audience.

The main chords contained in the aromatic notes

But what do we call an aromatic accord? In reality, it is a fragrant note grouping together several scents of the aromatic family. The latter often come from the Mediterranean basin, and reveal fresh and vegetal, energizing and spicy scents. Aromatic accords very often include sage, lavender, thyme, rosemary, basil or even mint. Widely used in men's fragrances, aromatic accords also blend very well with floral notes, thus integrating more feminine juices. The aromatic accords are rich in many essential oils, and release quite powerful notes. Usually, aromatic accords appear in the top and middle notes of perfumes. They are less present in their base notes.

Who are aromatic pairings for?

The aromatic accords are timeless and universal. Therefore, they target a very wide variety of different people. In women, their liveliness allows them to seduce dynamic and sporting temperaments. The natural potency of these ingredients also makes them very popular with charismatic people. When it comes to an aromatic fern, the smell that emanates from it becomes more sustained and virile. The aromatic accords blend wonderfully with spices, for a more fiery and indomitable result. In other words, there is no better territory than this for perfumers, in order to attract a large audience hungry for sunny freshness.

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