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If today it is mainly used in gastronomy, its powerful and aniseed scent very quickly attracted certain perfumers in search of original and natural raw materials to decline new olfactory palettes in the great classics of these gentlemen. As a result, the note of fennel in perfumery is rare but offers original and inventive juices!

Fennel, a vegetable as original as its legends

Fennel, from the family of umbelliferae such as the carrot, has mainly spread in Mediterranean climates where it is still cultivated today. Both its flavor and its fragrance make fennel a powerful vegetable, appreciated as much for the originality of its taste and its fragrance as for its multiple virtues.

Where in Asia or Egypt it was used for ophthalmic problems, fennel was the ally of athletes in Greece… While for the Druids, fennel was a sacred ingredient which was used in particular for purification rites. Moreover, in addition to its sacred character, it was also attributed for centuries aphrodisiac virtues.

Since the discovery of distillation to make essential oils, fennel seeds have been used to make an essence used in herbal medicine for its detoxifying and diuretic properties. This fennel essence is also used to compose perfumed fragrances with the delicious taste of anise, all mainly intended, for the moment, for a male audience.

The essence of fennel in men's fragrances

Certain olfactory notes such as fennel appear very little in perfumes but make a remarkable and noticed entry, while offering powerful and unique juices.

In order to offer a new fragrance for a male audience who grew weary of classic perfumes, it was Azzaro with Azarro pour Homme in 1978 who used the note of fennel as a top note in his perfume. By creating notes of fennel and anise heads associated with basil and lavender, Azzaro surprises while remaining in ranges of aromatic-ferns on the other hand much more classic. The fennel note can therefore boast of having made its very first appearance in a fragrance that remains a great classic today!

A decade later, the fennel note will return in a totally different type of fragrant accord: a woody oriental feminine! Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur offers a note of fennel in the top note, pairing it with patchouli and white musk, a powerful and original take-off at last! Then the floral-fruity intertwines with the woody and animal powers… The designer wanted a rare and modern fragrance: it is successful!

Finally Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs, also a woody oriental, will use notes of fennel this time matched with spices, lemon and minty notes The perfume offers a sweet explosion just like its name. by offering sweetness and sensuality.

The fennel note is therefore a rare note, still little used in perfumery. However, it can be proud of never being used by chance, of being at the head of rare and original perfumes and of offering completely new head or even heart notes with an anise flavor!

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