Paprika in perfumery

Paprika in perfumery

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We know its particular scent well, but perfumery, although it has been very interested in spices for decades, did not know how to use it until then. Finally up to him, Paprika Brasil… In a name the note is given!

Perfumes and spices: the fire of a powerful and carnal paprika

Paprika is native, like many species of chili peppers from South America. At the discovery of the New World by the colonists, although poorly distinguished peppers were brought back for the sweetest to Europe and for the strongest to the African continent.

Paprika finds in Spain and in Iberian cuisine a land of choice that welcomes this flavor, both powerful and delicate, in many dishes. Spanish housewives, moreover, grew paprika on the edge of their windows so that they could enjoy its taste all year round. Then the 16th century and the shortage of pepper linked to the blockade of English products introduced paprika to all of Europe, who also nicknamed paprika, the poor man's pepper. Today mainly cultivated in Africa, paprika is very appreciated by all and is an integral part of the large traditional family of spices.

Perfumery, in particular men's perfumery, has long been oriented towards the choice of natural raw materials such as spices or even aromatic herbs. Today, these herbs have even become a full-fledged olfactory family! And spices such as star anise (star anise), cloves or cardamom are very popular, especially in men's fragrances. However, what to do with the whole family of peppers, including little paprika? How to highlight this delicate and fragrant spicy fire in a perfume without extinguishing all the other fragrances? A house dared: Hermès created Paprika Brasil.

Paprika Brasil d'Hermès: a scent of spices or a scent of legends?

As in the kitchen, the creator Jean-Claude Ellena knew how to distill the note of paprika to make it all to its advantage. The Paprika Brasil perfume released in 2006 by Hermès, is intended to be explosive and surprising without becoming suffocating or suffocating. Bet won! The green notes of this pretty mixed floral offer an ample opening towards the violet and the notes of cloves and paprika to stretch out in a nice woody and flowery trail. The paprika note is therefore tender and serves mainly to enhance the flowery and woody flavors of this beautiful fragrance.

Described as seductive, ardent, unexpected, Paprika Brasil offers paprika and cloves to sprinkle its flowery dish with a touch of novelty! Hopefully we will have the pleasure of discovering other beautiful scented creations spiced with the delicate powder of the paprika note!

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