Water fruits in perfumery

Water fruits in perfumery

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Summer perfumery has given these precious fruits a chance to shine by giving us scents that are both light and deliciously aquatic.

Water fruits or watery fruits are beneficial to our health and perfumes.

The variety and wide range of flavors, tastes, and fragrances offered by the water fruit family is an incomparable source of vitamins, trace elements, and fibers essential to our well-being.

However, faced with junk food and the accelerated pace of life in which everyone evolves, fruits were forgotten for a few years in favor of a richer diet, too rich. As a result, fruit, particularly watery fruit, is an important ally not only for our health but also for our well-being.

In this way, perfumery was inspired by the return to favor of fruit to offer women light, sweet, and fruity fragrances that smell of gluttony and summer. The water fruit note is therefore representative of this current, or rather of this fresh breeze of lightness, transparent sugars, and delicate scents offered by melon, watermelon, grapefruit, orange, kiwi, without forgetting the venerable vegetable cucumber.

In floral or woody scents, the water fruit note

Although we are familiar with the family of watery fruits from eating them on a regular basis or smelling them in our perfumes for a few years, it is difficult to know the precise ingredients that the creators chose to be part of the famous watery fruits note.On the other hand, it is rather easy to understand its use in perfumes thanks to the different fragrances that it inhabits.

Regarding the floral scents, the watery fruit note appears, particularly in the top note of pretty floral accords. In Escada's "Ocean Blue," the water fruit note is framed by marine and hawthorn notes to offer freshness and light fruity and floral scents from the start. For Lancaster's "Sunwater," water fruits are paired at the top with bergamot and coriander for an accord that is both fresh thanks to the aqueous scent while being spicy and aromatic. As an exception to the rule, Dior uses the pretty floral Dior Addict 2 in its perfume, with a heart-shaped water fruit note married to rose and freesia.

For these gentlemen, the water fruit note is exhaled in rather woody scents where it infuses, in a light but nevertheless effective way, a great breath of freshness in the forest scents. In Bazar pour homme by Christian Lacroix, the water fruit note goes hand in hand with yuzu, grapefruit and lavender to offer a tonic and airy entry, an offer that is also effective in the aromatic woody Polo Black. " By Ralph Lauren, where water fruits harmonize in a tonic cocktail of citrus fruits, aldehydes, and aromatics. On the other hand, "Pleasures for Men" and "Un Air de Java" both use the watery fruit note in the heart associated with a green note to exploit the powerful and sweet vegetal facet of the watery fruit.

The water fruit note is therefore appreciated as much in feminine and floral fragrances as in masculine and woody fragrances. Aside from these two broad categories, few creators have dared use water fruits with other pairings. However, let us note the originality of the presence of the water fruit note in the chypre Mauboussin or in the spicy Eaux de Caron Pure.

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