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Pear in perfumery

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The origins of the pear

The pear is the fruit of the pear tree, a tree belonging to the rasaceae family. This one is native to Asia Minor and the pear is a fruit that grows more in temperate altitudes. This edible pome fruit has a mild, sweet taste and is widely used. Nowadays, there are more than 2000 varieties and the first producing country is China. In France, the pear is the fifth most consumed fruit. Characteristically oblong and pot-bellied at its base, the pear is usually green, yellow or red in color. However, the old variety of Worcester pear was black. Moreover, the English county of Worcestershire has three black pears on its official flag since April 2013. The 2000 varieties of this fruit combine different uses, some of them being mouth-watering pears,to eat raw, others being pears for cooking or fermenting. What is more, it is possible to find it in every season. Besides its taste aspect, the pear is also a fruit very used in our current language and is used for multiple expressions: to take someone for a pear, to keep a pear for thirst, to swallow pears of anguish, a soft pear. , a good pear, cut the pear in half… But then, what about in perfumery?a soft pear, a good pear, cut the pear in half ... But then, what about in perfumery?a soft pear, a good pear, cut the pear in half ... But then, what about in perfumery?

Pear in perfumery

However, despite its many advantages, pear is far from being a raw material that is easy to use in perfumery. Indeed, most fruity notes are particularly complicated to extract. In addition, it is not possible to obtain pear essential oil in a natural way and its scent is therefore reproduced in the laboratory. To do this, perfumers use a group of molecules called esthers or acetates. As an example, know that hexyl acetate smells like pear while allyl acetate smells like apple. The scent obtained is intended to be used particularly in fine perfumery and adapts equally to male and female creations.

Many perfumes today contain the scent of pear. Thus, Burberry Brit by Burberry, Armani Code Woman by Giorgio Armani, Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss or Petite Chérie by Annick Goutal can only melt you with their particularly fruity scent.

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