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Davana, a very fruity fragrance

The davana plant evokes ripe fruit, with an added sweet smell. Davana thus offers the compositions a very fruity, velvety fragrance but also a woody fragrance. This fruity, syrupy and powerful note allows it to integrate many fragrances, both feminine and masculine. There is a lot of davana accompanied by floral bouquets. This is the case for Idole d'Armani, by Armani. Here, the davana is positioned as a top note, accompanied by orange and ginger. Jasmine and rose offer a very flowery heart. The woody base (patchouli, vetiver) warms the fragrance. Idole d'Armani is a mixture of beauty, lightness, freedom, just like a woman. It should be noted that the flower of davana is used to fight depression,it gives energy and restores good humor… This is why the davana is an extremely happy and laughing note.

The association of davana with other olfactory fragrances

Thanks to its powerful and very fruity fragrance, davana goes wonderfully with many olfactory families. Apart from the floral scents, we discover the davana in woody or oriental scents as in Parfum des Merveilles by Hermès. Here, we guess the davana not only as a base note, but accompanied by little used ingredients such as balsam from Peru, benzoin from Siam, mousse or even cognac. As its name suggests, this perfume is wonderful, a real elixir that combines pleasure, magic and incarnation. We also notice that the davana goes wonderfully well with chypre notes. This is the case in Armani Si Intense by Armani, a perfumer who likes to use davana. Positioned here as a heart note, the davana is accompanied by neroli and osmanthus,as well as base notes such as vanilla, fir balsam and pine needles… A fragrance that smells of feminine Italian elegance.

Davana is a pretty plant with fragrant yellow flowers. It grows mainly in India, where it has always been anchored in religious rites. Davana offers a powerful, very fruity fragrance. Thanks to this, it is found in many fruity and flowery scents. It also goes well with woody, chypre and oriental facets. The joyful notes of davana make it an ingredient that can be integrated into a multitude of compositions, male and female.

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