Collection: Ambergris Fragrances

Perfumes with Ambergris: A Warm, Salty, Skin-Like Note from the Ocean's Depths

Explore fragrances that feature the intriguing note of ambergris, a rare and highly prized ingredient with a warm, salty, skin-like effect. Once a product of the intestines of sperm whales, found floating in the ocean and bleached by the sun and sea, ambergris is now predominantly synthetically recreated in modern perfumery.

Ambergris adds a unique depth and complexity to fragrances, evoking a sense of mystique and allure. Enhance your fragrance collection with perfumes containing the captivating ambergris note, perfect for those who appreciate the intriguing and enigmatic qualities of this ocean-derived scent. Experience the mesmerizing essence of ambergris and let its fascinating aroma transport you to a world of olfactory wonder.

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