Cloves in perfumery

Cloves in perfumery

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Cloves, a nicely spicy note

The clove is perhaps the most popular of the spices, but surely the most mysterious. In addition to the smell of the dentist, cloves are reminiscent of mulled wine, gingerbread or even a candy apple Like its spicy olfactory family, cloves present powerful and strong notes, notes of character. Cloves also have an aphrodisiac side. Spices are used in both men's and women's perfumes. We find cloves mainly in oriental fragrances and often associated with other spices such as pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and of course cinnamon. This is the case for Hugo Boss' Boss perfume, where the clove is accompanied by cinnamon in the middle notes. With a woody background,Boss is the signature of a perfume for urban men, elegant and chic men.

Cloves and other olfactory families

Cloves go particularly well with woody, floral or fruity notes. When we think of cloves, we inevitably think of the very mythical perfume Coco by Chanel. Since then, we have been able to recognize the clove in unexpected associations, as in Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo. Here, the marine note offers intense freshness. With a spicy heart (clove and nutmeg), and a woody base (sandalwood, cedar), this masculine scent is an ode to freedom. Kenzo has also incorporated the clove in another of these compositions, for women this time with Kenzo Jungle. The clove will also be integrated into gourmet perfumes thanks to its mysterious side. However, he remains very attached to oriental perfumes.

Cloves have been known for a very long time. It is widely used for its medicinal properties, in particular by our dentists In perfumery, cloves are part of the spicy olfactory family. It is therefore integrated mainly in oriental fragrances, as a heart note. The clove has difficulty integrating into fragrances, due to its particular smell, but it sometimes creates surprises, and we can discover it in woody, aromatic, fruity or floral scents.

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