Evernyl in perfumery

Evernyl in perfumery

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What is evernyl?

For many years, oakmoss was used in perfumes, especially to recreate the chypre accord. However, it is now prohibited because it is potentially allergenic. As such, it is very often replaced by a summary note called evernyl. In reality, evernyl is a constituent of oakmoss that technical progress has made it possible to isolate. This discovery was made by the company Roure Bertrand & Dupont, and this molecule is today presented in powder form. In addition, evernyl has become a characteristic ingredient of the aromatic fougere fragrance family, an olfactory category specific to men's perfumery and constantly revolving around the same ingredients. In this case, it is a blend of bergamot, geraniums, tonka bean, lavender, sage, and oakmoss, replaced for the occasion by evernyl. Evernyl Veramoss is a very useful material. Every apprentice perfumer and beyond must have a place for Evernyl. Remember the truly natural oakmoss? It will always be synthetic and will never have that softness diffused in the oakmoss of Mother Nature.  

Perfumes based on evernyl

Evernyl is very popular for its woody tones. It is an ingredient often present in the base note of essences, both in female and male juices. Moreover, let us note that if the evernyl started to be used, it is quite simply perfect that the use of the oak moss was prohibited. This decision gave rise to many debates but nevertheless obliged perfumers to find a substitute for this very present product in fragrances. Today, hundreds of perfumes have been developed through the use of evernyl. For example, know that For Her by Narciso Rodriguez contains some. This belongs to the chypre fragrance family.

Nevertheless, evernyl is sometimes also used in fragrances belonging to other olfactory families. Thereby, evernyl has also been incorporated into Jo Malone's Grapefruit, a citrus juice. Most often, this is associated with other woody and somewhat similar tones. Thus, it usually keeps company with cedar, guaiac wood, and fir balsam, enough to leave behind species with a strong character. Finally, note that the Legend perfume by Montblanc, created in 2011, has become a true emblem of Evernyl. Indeed, in addition to its global success, it ends with its characteristic scent, which turns out to be mainly measured here. 

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