Honeysuckle in perfumery

Honeysuckle in perfumery

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What is honeysuckle?

Honeysuckle is a climbing plant native to China and belonging to the Caprifoliaceae family. In addition, the honeysuckle covers multiple aesthetic functions and today has more than 200 species and a multitude of hybrids. In addition, the honeysuckle sometimes takes on the appearance of a climbing plant. In this case, it forms kinds of twining lianas wrapping around various supports and thus dressing walls, fences or any other kind of surface. Some species are even particularly vigorous and can reach 4 or 5 m in height and cover an area of ​​8 to 10 m². In other cases, however, the honeysuckle takes the form of a shrub. It is therefore ideal as a ground cover or to form a hedge. Its culture is spread throughout thenorthern hemisphere and its rustic plant characteristics allow it to withstand temperatures down to -15 or -20 °. The whole is also decorated with tubular flowers with an airy and perky appearance. Usually, these are white. However, they can be adorned with different shades, sometimes yellow, pink or even orange. The honeysuckle then loses its flowers, the latter giving way to dark but poisonous round berries. In general, honeysuckle is a flower to plant in spring or fall, in a semi-shaded area. Its flowering extends from June to October depending on the species. Nevertheless, to optimize it, and although the honeysuckle can grow in the wild, it is preferable to provide it with fertilizer every year,at spring time.

Perfumes based on honeysuckle

Honeysuckle grows in temperate and Mediterranean latitudes. Its small flowers bloom at the end of winter and give off a jasmine scent. Thus, honeysuckle is mainly present in feminine perfumes. It reveals itself in many facets, sometimes close to jasmine while being orange, vegetal and honeyed. On the other hand, its scent cannot be extracted directly from its flower. Its fragrance is reproduced in the laboratory from other natural essences or by the head space technique, a method developed in the 1970s and aimed at reconstituting the natural scents of a flower as they exist in nature and without them. spoil.

The honeysuckle thus conveys a very spring feeling. As such, it fits elegantly into the Aqua Allegoria collection by Guerlain. Likewise, it adds lightness to Diorella by Dior, Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel, Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder or Dot by Marc Jacobs. Likewise, an Yves Rocher perfume is entirely dedicated to him and is simply called Chèvrefeuille. Its freshness makes it a particularly appreciable juice for the summer period.

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