Exotic fruits in perfumery

Exotic fruits in perfumery

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We had to recreate these scents with original olfactory facets and original raw materials and, thanks to this research, exotic fruits have finally entered our summer fragrances to make us travel!

The craze for exotic fruits in our cosmetics

Exotic fruits or tropical fruits make us dream for sure and what better than to create notes of the sun in treatments or creams that make us travel just by opening them!

Especially since exotic fruits are full of active ingredients that are beneficial for our skin. So you will find the bromelain in pineapple, a powerful exfoliant and complexion reviver, rich antioxidants in pomegranate, very nourishing fatty acids in coconut, or even oleic acid (omega 9) ultra-hydrating in the mango.

Logically, these beautiful exotic fruits are now a full part of our cosmetics for their virtues but also for their absolutely divine scents. It was therefore obvious that perfumery is interested in it and the years 2015 and 2016 were rich in new fragrances with a note of exotic fruits.

The note of exotic fruits or the great summer trend

Thanks to light fragrances and more fruity than classic perfumes, perfumers have succeeded in imposing choice summer collections so that new scent notes are exhaled on our sunny skin. The note of exotic fruits was THE note of the summer of 2015 and 2016 and many great perfumers have tried it successfully.

First of all, floral fragrances, such as “L'Eau D'Issey Eau D'Eté 2015” by Issey Miyaké or “Goldea” by Bulgari, use the exotic fruit note as a heart note associated with notes of white flowers. or colored such as orange blossom or freesia.

Exotic fruits combine with citrus to offer mixed juices that will become powerful fruity and green fragrances while having the attraction of exoticism. Calvin Klein's “Ck one summer 2016” offers invigorating citrus head notes to release a heart of exotic fruit notes in association with hedione and a green note to end in a beautiful trail of white musks… Quant at Olfactive Studio's “Still Life in Rio”, the invigorating citrus principle at the top is also key, but this time the heart of perfumed notes is made around the exotic fruits of jasmine and coconut for s' to end with more powerful olfactory memories of sandalwood and hot milk ... A delight of exoticism and fruity and comforting flavors!

The note of exotic fruits gives floral or citrus scents heart notes that make us vibrate and travel just by opening a bottle ... It is a safe bet that the summer of 2017 will also be exotic and that the creators will find new ones always more amazing ways to magnify these fragrances to always offer us more travel!

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