Iso E Super in perfumery

Iso E Super in perfumery

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Iso E Super, an essential molecule for perfumers' palette

Today, perfume designers are very fond of this chemical molecule. It brings roundness (thanks to its velvet effect) and hold to the compositions. This molecule is classified in the woody olfactory family. The iso E Super gives perfumes a unique woody fragrance. This is mainly due to the bicyclic arborone molecule which itself has a very intense odor. Given its translucent color, the ISO E Super has no problem integrating the compositions. ISO E Super has a reputation for sticking to the skin today. This molecule effectively lends an indefinable radiation to its wearer, because it is combined with the natural chemistry of the body of the latter The perfume Molecule 01 of Escentric molecule, proves it since it essentially contains iso E Great.The woody-velvety notes of this molecule gradually disappear to leave a very personal and unique scent

The association of iso E Super with the different olfactory families

The iso E Super goes very well with floral, fruity notes and with musk. However, it can be combined in low doses with all the olfactory families, it all depends on the result that the perfumer wishes to give. As it is an excellent fixer, iso E Super also allows to deepen other fragrances positioned in top notes. The molecule is thus found, both in male and female perfumes. One of the very great perfumes to contain iso E Super in its composition, it is Terre d'Hermès, by Hermès created in 2006. Terre d'Hermès which contains 55% of iso E Super, is identified as a spicy-woody masculine scent. It is said that this perfume is located between heaven and earth A strong olfactory emotion. The International Fragrance Association recently reviewed the properties of iso E Super,in relation to its allergic potential and possible allergic risks. The IFA therefore decided to ration the dosage of the iso E Super molecule in perfumes.

Born from research, the chemical molecule Iso E Super finds no equivalent in natural scents. It is translucent in color, and it is also an excellent fixer. This is why it can be associated with very many and different fragrances. Masculine and feminine, this molecule gives off a woody, soft, suave scent which is defined as velvet. The secret of the ISO E Super? It is because it lends an indefinable radiance to the one who wears it

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