Jasmine in perfumery

Jasmine in perfumery

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Origins and characteristics of jasmine

China, India and Egypt grow the most jasmine. Morocco and Italy produce small productions of jasmine flowers but major brands of perfumery are supplied there. The flower grows in all the dwellings of Damascus, Syria, inside and out, it is called the city of jasmine. It is the city of Grasse, in the Alpes-Maritimes, world capital of perfume since the 17th century, which is the most famous producer of jasmine in Europe. In Grasse, the jasmine harvest is rare but it is carried out during the month of August, the harvest is done before dawn and the treatment is carried out as quickly as possible.
7 million jasmine flowers are needed to obtain 1kg of absolute jasmine essence. Jasmine flower is intended for luxury fragrances, yet perfumeries in this sector often use the synthetic version because jasmine is expensive.
Jasmine flower absolute is obtained by extraction with solvents. Jasmine scents give off an impression of powerful sweet heat, both wild and medicinal.

Jasmine scents, intense and authentic

The Joy perfume by Jean Patou contains a lot of jasmine essences. 250,000 Grasse jasmine flowers, among others, are intended to concoct just 75 ml of essences for this fragrance. It is a luxury fragrance presented as anti-gloom or anti-depression. Jean Patou said that 10,600 jasmine flowers were needed to produce an ounce of perfume. It is also the flagship fragrance of the house.
The 24 Faubourg de Hermès fragrance also represents jasmine. She is a star of the 1990s and has become a classic with her explosion of scent of white flowers including jasmine that blends beautifully with iris, orange blossom and ylang-ylang. The jasmine it contains is soothing. Its wake is persistent and easily recognizable.This jasmine scent is round and refined.
Then there is the prestigious Lalique Flacon jasmin 1995 fragrance. Vanilla, rose, musk, jasmine, iris, blackcurrant leaves, cloves and many others, mix with musky and sandalwood notes. . With this perfume, we strongly feel the surge of flowers, especially jasmine, and fruit. It is the symbol of passion and seduction. But with its luxurious bottle from the brand's crystal works, the perfume was only available in a limited series of 5,000 copies.

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