Mimosa in perfumery

Mimosa in perfumery

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Characteristics and use of mimosa

Mimosa grows in siliceous and dry soils. The mimosa tree can grow up to about 20 m tall. The mimosa flowers are like small, velvety and silky yellow pompoms. These mimosa flowers are hermaphroditic and reproduce by entomogamy (pollination by insects). The fruits of the mimosa are brown pods that are a little flattened. The twigs of the mimosa are not thorny, they are velvety, and its leaves are compound. You can see mimosas in the wild in France because some have escaped crops. Since 2003, this species has been part of the Fabaceae family, according to the phytogenetic classification. Previously, it was part of the Mimosaceae family.
In perfumery, the mimosa flower absolute is obtained by extracting the small branches of mimosa with volatile solvents. The result is a powdery, floral, warm and rich absolute, associated with a honeyed and straw-like scent. Its scent is mysterious and subtle. It is often associated with tuberose, carnation and rose. It seems that the mimosa gives an impression of rebalance and comfort.

Mimosa-based perfumes

Cacharel's Loulou perfume includes a note of mimosa. It is a perfume created in 1987 which evokes a more seductive femininity than the previous creations of the brand. The sensuality of the fragrance is initially expressed by vanilla associated with floral and solar notes such as ylang-ylang, tiare and jasmine, then, powdery notes such as iris, heliotropin and mimosa. To give character to the mimosa, the perfumer has added tangerine and blackcurrant as well as intense scents of incense, musk, tonka bean and sandalwood. Femininity and provocation are expressed by this opulent fragrance with mimosa absolute.
The iconic fragrance Paris by Yves Saint Laurent also contains mimosa. The mimosa and the ylang-ylang give splendor to the spicy and floral notes, then, are softened by the notes of sandalwood, woody, creamy in order to appreciate its enveloping effect.
Summer by Kenzo is a fragrance that smacks of mimosa at the outset. He appears delicate, wise but remains elegant. We directly smell the powdery notes of mimosa, violet and heliotrope. It is a fresh scent but the note of mimosa marks while being both soft and cosmetic. This is what makes this scent with a mimosa note so special.

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