White musk in perfumery

White musks in perfumery

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White musk, an aphrodisiac odor

White musk offer about 30 different facets. The notes are, in turn, copper, animal, carnal, sensual, fruity, flowery… White musk is so particular that not everyone feels it the same way. Since its origin, white musk generate an aphrodisiac odor, an odor that sticks to the skin and which becomes unique according to the person who wears it. White musk has this other particularity, that of binding a composition, of surrounding it and also of fixing the volatile fragrances. We therefore often find white musk as a base note. As with Lolita Lempicka's L perfume, where white musk are effectively positioned as a base note, accompanied by precious woods. L is a feminine fragrance with a wild and precious trail. The very fresh top notes are quickly overtaken by vanilla, which offers a creamy and greedy heart.

White musk and the different olfactory accords in perfumery

Thanks to its range of fragrances, white musk go well with all olfactory families. They are therefore found in many fragrances, oriental, floral, fruity, woody, citrus, ferns Long incorporated in men's fragrances, white musk now seduce women, as for the perfume Nina L'eau by Nina Ricci. . Here, white musk are positioned as a base note and bring its sensual, round side. The opening notes of apple, grapefruit, mandarin, give way to a fresh and light heart marked by gardenia and cherry. A carefree, playful and dazzling fragrance. Many other compositions signify the success of white musk. We note among them, 1881 Blanc by Cerruti (floral woody musk), 1932 by Chanel (floral jasmine),At Night by Serge Lutens (floral oriental) or even A * Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler (spicy oriental).

White musk derive their origins from animal musk. From there, they kept an aphrodisiac odor that sticks to the skin. White musk have long been a major source of inspiration for noses. Alternately fruity, copper, amber, animal, fruity or sensual, the notes of white musk are very diverse. Next to this, musk rounds and binds the compositions. It is also an excellent fixer With all these assets, white musk illuminate very great perfumes.

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