Nutmeg in perfumery

Nutmeg in perfumery

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Nutmeg, a scent between mythical and mystical

Nutmeg, a noble spice, has a cloudy fragrance. Alternately, hot, cold, fresh, aromatic, woody, hot, peppery, exotic… Nutmeg plays with our senses! The complexity and diversity of nutmeg make it a fragrance adored by perfume designers. Nutmeg is mainly used in oriental fragrances, heady because it always leaves a captivating trail. A masculine fragrance that has become legendary, it is Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo. It was the Japanese brand's first men's fragrance, and for a test drive it's a masterstroke! Here, we find nutmeg as a heart note, accompanied by lily of the valley. In top notes we discover bergamot, rosewood, lemon as well as marine notes. Finally, in base notes, are cedar, pine, vetiver and white musk. The result gives a subtle contrast between fresh notes and sensual, slightly spicy notes. Kenzo for men quickly became a staple of Kenzo perfumes. 

Nutmeg and other fragrances

Like its olfactory family the Orientals, nutmeg goes perfectly with floral, woody and vanilla facets, and also goes well with other spices. Great fragrances are born from his associations… Another mythical fragrance with the great Cacharel pour homme by Cacharel which tells the improbable story of nutmeg and ylang-ylang. Here, we notice the nutmeg in top note, accompanied by lavender, bergamot and sage. In the heart note, we discover ylang-ylang with geranium, carnation and lily of the valley. Finally, we note the background, we see cedar wood, vetiver and amber. This spicy floral judiciously combines nature and adventure A very seductive fragrance never equaled. 

A noble spice used in antiquity and in the Middle Ages, nutmeg conveys several stories. Thanks to its multiple and different fragrances, nutmeg is a delight for many noses. It brings to perfumes a particular captivating side that is unlike any other. Associated with flowers, fruits, vanilla or other spices, nutmeg has integrated very mythical scents.

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