Myrrh in perfumery

Myrrh in perfumery

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Myrrh, a warm and balsamic note

Thanks to the warm and balsamic notes that it releases, myrrh is often integrated in base notes, in oriental perfumes. The myrrh, sweet and tenacious, remains on the skin, when the other fragrances have vanished. Myrrh gives perfumes a warm, sweet, dark, sensual or even sexual aspect… If there is a perfumer who has put myrrh in the spotlight, it's Serge Lutens. This lover of the Orient created La myrrhe, which is part of his collection at the Palais Royal. Myrrh, amber, musk, incense and spices make this perfume a masterpiece of scents from the Orient. Another perfumer has paid a beautiful tribute to myrrh, it is Gorgio Armani. With its perfume Imperial Myrrh, the gum-resin of antiquity acquires a place of choice in the fragrances. Imperial myrrh is majestic and captivating Lemon, spices,myrrh and frankincense evoke the atmosphere of oriental palaces.

Can myrrh be combined with other fragrances?

Myrrh is a fascinating, beautiful and strong ingredient at the same time. However, it is loaded with heavy symbols. What makes her an advantage is also a disadvantage. Indeed, except in oriental perfumes, myrrh is visibly difficult to associate. It is however found mixed with flowers, as in the perfume Myrrhe et délire by Guerlain. Here the perfumer has integrated myrrh in heart notes with rose and iris. In top notes, we find grapefruit, pear, rose berry and pepper. In the background, we detect incense, patchouli and liquorice The mixture is breathtaking and gives a rare and atypical fragrance. We meet myrrh with the woody family in the perfume Myrrhe ardente by Annick Goutal. Here, the essence of myrrh is alone in the top note. She is partner with, again,myrrh, benzoin and tonka bean in base notes. The oriental woody blend is voluptuous, but the scent is still a man with myrrh, which captivates all who wear it

Coming straight from antiquity, myrrh is loaded with a strong symbol, it was one of the three gifts offered to the Child Jesus. Myrrh is very often used in oriental perfumes for its bewitching and captivating smell. Many perfumers have also put it in the spotlight. However, few have tried to mix myrrh with other fragrances. Are its symbolism and smell too powerful for other fragrances? Is myrrh too hard to tame?

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