Nutmeg Fragrances

Perfumes that contain fragrance note – Nutmeg | Scent profile: It is a fruit of Myristica fragrans, it has a spicy sweet facet with earthy and pungent base notes, and is used to provide an oriental spiciness that is subtler than the usual cinnamon-clove-vanilla bouquet of orientals, thus perfect for masculine and lighter woody fragrances. Notable example is Fahrenheit by Dior and Vetiver Sport by Guerlain.
Tom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Amarena Cherry

Obsessed with cherry? If you want to really amp up the cherry scent, this Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe will give Lost Cherry a run for its money. Black cherry, cherry syrup, and cherry liqueur all mingle together for an indulgent cherry overdose that’s complemented by notes of almond, tonka bean, Turkish rose, and jasmine sambac.


Myristica fragrans

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Nutmeg is a spice of the deepest mystery. When dried, it is a hardened pale brown stone, barely fragrant, impenetrable. But when pulled against the tiny blades of a grater, a coin turns into a narcotic scent. How do you describe nutmeg? It is indispensable as a distinct flavor in many cuisines to impart a particular depth of flavor. What would a bechamel sauce be without it? Or an American pumpkin pie, or Jamaican oxtail soup? But beyond the kitchen, its scent casts a long golden shadow that has attracted perfumers for hundreds of years. The Kerala route has finally been built and the cargo from its verdant backwaters is delivered to the ship traveling from the Indian Ocean bays to Southampton. He carries with him a small contingent of oriental spices, in wooden chests decorated with the coat of arms of the port commander for his personal use. Among them, nutmeg is the crowning achievement, the seed of the Myristica tree, fresh and tingling at the same time, evoking this curious contradiction of serenity and languor which is in the east in the mind of a Westerner. All the splendor of the ships laden with spices has been translated into Frapin's Caravelle Épicée, a fragrance aimed at armchair pirates who plan to loot one of them and set sail for the Seychelles to enjoy the fruits of this escapade. . And behold, what do I see in my pocket telescope? Here is a gang of them storming the agile ship with their sabers in hand! They breathe spicy notes escaping the small catch, caraway and coriander with their fresh spiciness, a counterpoint to the heat and dryness of black pepper, a powerful blend that never gives in to sweetness. They are already poisoned by the fragrant treasure they have captured. Maybe too drunk to make the risky trip to the islands. I can see it even from here. The captain is in ambush, his peculiar type of pipe tobacco lingering on the ship long after he has gone into hiding. There is still hope for the ship!

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