Pine in perfumery

Pine in perfumery

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Pine in its natural state

Pine is a tree belonging to the pinus genus and the pinaceae family. Today, we count at least 111 species. They are coniferous trees with needle leaves grouped in bundles of two to five. It is one of the most important of the conifers. In general, these are large in size. What is more, it is a tree showing exemplary longevity, of which a dozen species can reach 1000 years while two of them can live up to 5000 years! Like most plants, pines are photoautotrophic organisms, that is, they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to live. What is more, it is a tree that does not deal with the lack of light very well. For example, know thatit needs two to three times more than a conventional tree. Thus, pines are intolerant of shade. On the other hand, they tolerate drought very well and can quite survive on poor soils.

Legends around the pine

The origins of pine and the fascination aroused by this tree with its imposing stature are very distant. In addition, Greek mythology told that the nymph Pythis, coveted by Pan, escaped him by metamorphosing into black pine. Likewise, if it was the laurels that crowned the winners of the Olympic Games, the Isthmian Games of Corinth, for their part, were rewarded with a pine wreath. Then, in the Middle Ages, the pine proved to be a tree associated with knowledge and immortality. Moreover, it appears in many novels of chivalry. Finally, note that the pine seems to be a real source of inspiration for poets. It thus appears in a poem by Pierre Ronsard or in the famous Pin des Landes by Théophile Gautier.

Pine and its resinous and woody scent

In general, pine evokes the smell of holidays for many. The main species used in perfumery are those of Tyrolean pine, Siberian pine, maritime pine or Scots pine. To do this, the perfumers distil the twigs or needles with water vapor. This allows them to obtain a particularly fragrant essence. However, it happens more rarely that the scent of pine is extracted with volatile solvents. In reality, this production technique is more used to obtain concretes or absolutes.

In general, pine is more often associated with a human scent. As such, it is present in Mustache by Rochas, Saharienne by Yves Saint-Laurent or Brit For Men Winter 2010 by Burberry. Likewise, some mixed fragrances contain it, such as Nuit Etoilée by Annick Goutal.

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