Rose in perfumery

Rose in perfumery

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Characteristics of rose oil

In perfumery, we use the Centifolia rose and the May rose. These roses, which are part of the flower family, come from Morocco and France. When the roses are extracted by volatile solvents, we obtain the concrete and the absolute of rose which gives the sensation of heat, honey, wax, spices and slightly tobacco.
At the same time, it is the petals of Damascena roses which are cultivated in Bulgaria and Turkey which produce rose essential oil by distillation. This rose derivative gives off a scent of freshly fruit and lemon which is more intense than the absolute because of the evaporation of most of its light compounds, while the rose absolute keeps the heavier compounds, such as wax. , in solvent extraction.
The perfumes with roses release a natural freshness very in harmony very appreciated by the women.

Different rose-based fragrances

Many fragrances are designed on the basis of rose. J'adore by Christian Dior is an icon in the field. It is an extremely refined fragrance with an enveloping effect. Its top note is the essence of Damascena rose, its middle note is Tuscan iris, its base note is white musks. It is the successful blend of modern perfumery and old ways.

Among the many rose fragrances, we have also chosen to highlight Burberry's London. It is the only floral bouquet of the brand. Its pink note blends perfectly with the sandalwood and patchouli it contains. The Tiare flower brings sweetness to honeysuckle, orange blossom and jasmine. This scent is simple, chic and classic. Its English Rose style bottle completely reflects its value. It goes with all styles, the English have become the unconditional. Burberry was already a symbol of British chic, but this time with rose.

Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume is also the emblem of the rose. In the top note, there are light fruity and floral chypres. The accords of rose and jasmine with traces of patchouli and vetiver give an impression of extreme sensuality. It is said to be daring, even rebellious, fresh and chic. The rose brings a touch of femininity and originality to the notes which all tend to be alike.

Definitely, the rose can be presented in all its forms!

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