Black pepper in perfumery

Black pepper in perfumery

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Black pepper, a spicy fragrance

Spices, like pepper, are essential raw materials in perfumery. Pepper gives character, strength, and relief to the compositions. If the pepper brings a hint of spiciness, it also brings a hint of lightness. In addition, we find pepper in oriental perfumes, where it offers a timidly sensual side. Its smell is of course spicy but also dry and dusty. Black pepper is undoubtedly a hot spice from the spicy olfactory family. It is often positioned as a heart note, as in Annick Goutal's Sables perfume for men, where black pepper is the only heart note, accompanied by immortelle in the top note and vanilla in the base note. Annick Goutal, who created this perfume for her husband as a souvenir of holidays on the Isle of Beauty, wanted an authentic perfume.Its fragrance perfectly resembles the smell of sunny sand dunes.

The marriage of black pepper and the different olfactory families

Black pepper is mainly present in oriental, woody or chypre fragrances. This is the case for the masculine fragrance Boss Orange Man by Hugo Boss. This woody-spicy combines pepper (in the middle note) with vanilla (in the base note) and coriander and apple (in the top note). With these fragrances, Hugo Boss wanted to create a perfume full of energy with a strong character. We also find black pepper, with flowery, fruity or gourmet fragrances. As with the perfume whose name is already very evocative Gourmand Coquin by Guerlain. Here, the pepper is in the top note, with rum. Vanilla and chocolate, in base notes, accentuate the gluttony and leave a smooth and sweet trail. Many beautiful compositions contain black pepper such as Aromatics in Withe by Clinique,Pepper from Caron or 1881 black from Cerruti.

Black pepper is a very famous spice in the food world, but it is also used in perfumery. With a warm, dry, dusty and sensual fragrance, black pepper attracts many noses. Mainly in the spotlight in oriental and woody scents, black pepper is sometimes invited in floral, chypre, fruity or gourmet compositions.

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