Violet leaf in perfumery

Violet leaf in perfumery

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Violets are very similar to pansies but they are differentiated by the number of petals. In perfumery, in order to recreate the fragrances of violet, a composition of synthetic molecules is used, mainly the ionone molecule. Perfumers also use violet absolute, obtained from the distillation of the leaves, with volatile solvents.

Violet flower, a very herbaceous fragrance

Violet gives off a scent of green grass, combined with an earthy background that evokes the moss of damp undergrowth. For this, the violet flower is very different from other flowers. Another advantage of the violet flower is that it also serves as a color chart. This means that it supports and rounds off the main notes of a perfume. We will therefore find essentially the violet flower in the middle note. The violet entered the perfume legend during the 1980s, thanks to Christian Dior and his Fahrenheit perfume. Filled with contradictions, this fragrance is based on a modern woody note and a floral accord imbued with violet blossom. Fahrenheit is one of the top 10 best-selling fragrances in the world, and its fragrance has never been matched.

The association of the violet flower with the olfactory families

The violet flower is present in many floral scents. A little touch of violet in a floral scent and the latter is more elegant. Violet and rose are found in many perfumes. This wonderful duo was inaugurated by Yves-Saint-Laurent with his Paris fragrance. Here, these two magical flowers are positioned as a heart note, accompanied by lily of the valley and mimosa… Unparalleled elegance for an unforgettable perfume name. We also find the violet flower in woody scents, often masculine. The violet flower then releases its freshness and brings a positive energy in a male composition. This is the case for Azzaro's Décibel, where violet, always in the middle note, is associated with frankincense and liquorice.A rock composition that offers an overdose of explosive notes.

A pretty fragrant flower, violet can be confused with pansy. Used in confectionery and pastry making, the violet also has its letters of nobility in perfumery. With its very herbaceous fragrance, the violet flower pairs wonderfully with other flowers, especially the rose. It can however be found in woody or oriental scents. The violet flower is today an essential element of male and female perfumery.

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