Animalis in perfumery

Animalis in perfumery

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Animalis: When the smell of wild animals becomes a perfume!

The animal note or the delicate scent of sweat from changing rooms, dirty socks, Male… is still dreaming! In reality, the animal note is addressed above all to virility, to all the masculinity of male perfumes. The animalis base, present in a notable way in few perfumes but certainly copied in many others, wants to reproduce the animality of our clean and too well ordered men.

The animalis base or the synthesis of masculine animal notes

Historically, animal notes were part of the great fragrances that these gentlemen liked to wear for their powers, their attractions, their powers of seduction and their totally assertive masculinity! In recent decades, the animal note has been intended to be more discreet on the one hand because it involves animals that have not asked for anything and on the other hand because men, like women, prefer the smell of cleanliness to the smell of the dirty, the smooth to the wild

The animalis base, made up by Synarôme laboratories and probably made from several raw materials, is intended to be the mixture of a civet and tonkin musk. Its scent, designated as leathery, nevertheless clearly evokes the fawn, the wild lion that sleeps in each man The 80s and their fantasies finally paid homage to this beautiful animal base which loudly affirms a desire to be man, to its raw state.

Animalis and the animal note in male perfumery

Of course, the animalis base is particularly linked to the Yves Saint-Laurent Kouros fragrance. This perfume is the emblem of the 80s, as crazy as they are creative! Men's perfumes are looking for fantasy and Yves Saint-Laurent was particularly looking to… reproduce the scents of a scorching night in a bottle! Everything is said and Kouros persists and signs! It flies away in ferns and aromatics then spreads out dense and terribly masculine animal and leathery fragrances thanks to the famous animalis base and its association with civet as a base note.

The famous Kouros will be followed by the beautiful chypre leather Parfum de Peau from Montana in 1986 which, on the other hand, will play with the animalis base to join this time with amber in order to trace the trail. deep in these pretty notes of spices and flowers.

Since these great perfumes, the animalis base is hardly talked about as such. However, if it is hardly pronounced clearly in the compositions, many perfumes are still inspired by it today. Let us note all the same the creation of the pretty leather-flowered Virgins and Toreros by Etat Libre d'Orange which wants to be the olfactory reflection of the two masculine facets. A clean and smooth man represented by purities of tuberous flowers and a combative and animal man represented by the base notes animalis, costus and leather.

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