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Birch, a beautiful leathery facet

In perfumery, birch bark is used to add a hint of leather to men's fragrances. Birch gives off warm, acrid, smoky, tarry and above all leathery odors. Birch gives the olfactory impression of a wood fire. Perfumes that contain birch essence give racy fragrances that have character. Among the great perfumes, Cuir de Russie created by Chanel in the 1920s is a mythical perfume which has had massive success. The top notes here are mainly citrus, which gives a fresh and dynamic impression. In heart notes, we discover vanilla, fern and cedar. The smoked leather then intervenes as a base note, bringing its power and its virile side. The result, a very chic and racy fragrance, but which is no longer as popular with men today, preferring more marine, fresh and modern fragrances.

Birch and its best associations

Let it be said, birch does not go well with just any family or olfactory facet. Its best pairings are with woods and ferns and some chypres. One of the great perfumes that have succeeded in this perfect combination is Gentlemen only by Givenchy. Birch is found in the top note accompanied by mandarin, with as heart notes, patchouli, leather accord and cedarwood. As for the base notes, make way for tonka bean and amber. This perfume is aimed at seductive and casual men… A charming, slightly charming perfume… Another very successful perfume is Habit rouge by Guerlain. Birch is in the background accompanied by ambergris, labdanum, cedar, patchouli. In heart notes, we discover jasmine and rose. In top notes, lemon is associated with lavender, with orange and neroli. Here, Jean-Paul Guerlain dared the birch with a more oriental note. The association is very surprising, but very masculine. A real success for the perfumer Guerlain.

The essence of birch was introduced in perfumery for its leathery side. With a particularly atypical smell, birch has been able to stand out. His racy character quickly brought him great success. However, birch finds it difficult to associate with all fragrances. It goes very well with woody notes, ferns and chypres. Scents that contain birch are mostly masculine, however, there are a few that are very suitable for women.

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