Bay in perfumery

Bay in perfumery

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 Thus the bay note is present in pretty sporty or natural masculine perfumes but also, to a very lesser extent, in oriental feminine fragrances.

The bay note thanks to the essential oil of pimenta racemosa or wood of India

Like many trees or shrubs in the West Indies, the pimenta racemosa is one of its hardwood resistant trees that the West Indians seek to use both for its solidity in all tests and for its therapeutic or scent virtues.

The pimenta racemosa or Indian wood offers thanks to its leaves an essential oil as divinely scented as it is benevolent for health, in particular for beauty and hair growth. Moreover, the leaves of pimenta racemosa mixed with rum and water make it possible to create an aftershave very well known to the West Indies, the bay rum.

In perfumery, the shrub produces the famous bay note which will enrich the fern, citrus or aromatic juices of these gentlemen with a touch of spice that is both fresh and powerful.

The masculine scents and the spicy and fresh essence of bay

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the bay olfactory note is obtained by distilling the leaves of the pimenta racemosa tree, not its small black berries, cousins ​​of myrtle. In any case, the bay note is very popular with designers of male perfumes.

Trophée by Lancôme as well as Eau Sauvage Extrême by Dior, two very marked perfumes from the 80s where men are sporty and dynamic, offer the bay note in the heart note of their citrus and aromatic compositions. In Trophée the bay or bay is accompanied by patchouli, cedar wood and jasmine, in Eau Sauvage Extrême jasmine and sandalwood accompany coriander and the divine spicy bay note.

Escada's Escada pour homme, released in 1994, no longer hesitates to use the bay note accompanied by powerful fragrances as well as flowers and spices. The bay is therefore in the heart of this beautiful oriental accompanied by carnation, geranium and cinnamon.

Finally, Montana's MONTANA GREEN will use the bay note to create new accords this time rather aromatic, spicy and fern for a fragrance that exudes the bay note in the top note, like the beautiful woody and chypre XS Extrême.

Although in essence very masculine, the bay note is also sometimes present to bring a touch of powerful and spicy originality to feminine oriental juices. Some, like Enjoli Midnight, will use the bay note as a base note to leave a persistent and spicy trail, others such as Diamonds & Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor will not hesitate to use the bay as a note. of head associated with citrus fruits!

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