Cashmere wood in perfumery

Cashmere wood in perfumery

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Cashmere wood, a laboratory molecule

Cashmere wood is recent since it was not discovered until 1970. More exactly, it should be known that cashmere wood is an “alicyclic ketone” whose molecular formula is C14H220 and the molecular weight is 206. Cashmeran is thus entirely the result of research. Cashmere wood is a note apart, which is intended to be both olfactory and tactile. Cashmere wood evokes an imaginary wood. This one would be soft, warm, a little dusty, camphorated, woody but with a unique voluptuousness. We say that cashmeran is the only material where we want to throw ourselves in his arms so that it surrounds us with an infinite sensual softness.

Cashmere wood in perfumery

Givenchy was the first to use the note Cashmere wood for its Amarige perfume released in 1990. It thus paved the way for many other perfumers and cashmere wood is found in great fragrances. . Of course, it is found in oriental fragrances such as Oud by Reminiscence where cashmere wood is found in the top note alongside cardamom and rose berry. It is also found in a very famous oriental perfume, “Alien” by Thierry Mugler, and in the oriental-floral, no less famous by Yves Saint Laurent, “Manifesto l'Éclat”. Nevertheless, cashmere wood can surprise and slip into floral-fruity compositions like in “Eternity Moment” by Calvin Klein or even in a floral-green “Eau Mega” by Viktor & Rolf. At last,the cashmere wood really creates the surprise by integrating wonderfully into citrus scents as we find in Eau de Lacoste L.12-12 Noir by Lacoste, where the cashméran is in the base note next to the coumarin.

If cashmere wood is an olfactory note created in the laboratory, it has found its place thanks to the warm, woody and soft tones they give off. Today, cashmere wood is very popular with noses who use it wonderfully in oriental compositions, but also woody, fruity, floral and even citrus.

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