Champagne in perfumery

Champagne in perfumery

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Champagne, the myth of opulence

Champagne is inseparable from festive, convivial and special moments. This tradition goes back a long way since it is said that Clovis (King of the Franks) was baptized in Reims, in the capital of champagne. Each coronation which then took place in the same cathedral gave the right to parties where the local wine was drunk, therefore champagne, which was thus considered as the wine of the privileged. Later, Louis XIV, the Sun King, tasted champagne at the age of 16 and defined it as the symbol of his daring. Even much later, champagne was served aboard the mythical Titanic, and also during the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889, an exhibition during which the Eiffel Tower was unveiled to the whole world… The myth was born. The aromas of champagne depend not only on its variety, but also on its age,this is why it offers an infinite range of scents among which, the smell of red fruits, citrus fruits, honey, gingerbread, nuts, almonds, caramel, liquorice, but also undergrowth, cut grass or mushrooms.

The use of champagne in perfumery

When two luxurious products meet, it inevitably results in an exceptional product. Champagne notes are still little used, but they are already integrated into exceptional perfumes such as Vierge de Fer by Serges Lutens. Here, the champagne is in the top note offering subtle and mysterious notes. Champagne will be found in an oriental floral composition, as in À la Folie by Mauboussin where a champagne accord is positioned in the top note next to the raspberry. Finally, we can find champagne in an oriental-spicy fragrance, that of Parfum d'Empire Ambre Russe. Here, champagne is in the top note accompanied by vodka, for a breathtaking result!

Although champagne is a luxury product, it is also used in perfumery. Its range of aromas allows it to associate with all olfactory families. Although it is still little used in perfumery, champagne is already part of large compositions.

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