Dill in perfumery

Dill in perfumery

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Dill is a culinary spice that readily flavors dishes around the world. Its leaves can be used fresh or dried to flavor all kinds of culinary preparations, including salads, fish, meats, cold soups or certain sauces. Its seeds can also be used for culinary use, in particular to flavor liqueurs or jams.

The therapeutic use of dill

If its culinary use is undoubtedly the most widespread, know that dill is also renowned for its therapeutic virtues. Moreover, many benefits are associated with it. Dill infusion would be very effective in stimulating the digestive system. Formerly, it was also used to fight against epilepsy, or to promote the flow of milk in nurses. Some consumed it for its aphrodisiac properties. Still others saw it as a way to stimulate their intellectual capacities. Today, its seeds are still used as an infusion to stop hiccups, headaches or coughs in children. Dill itself was used in the Middle Ages to fight against bad spells. In that sense, it would almost be a divine ingredient! Enough to bring a sacred dimension to the perfume that contains it!

The aromatic scent of dill

But besides, what scent really gives off dill and how is it used in perfumery. If dill is cultivated all over the world, perfumers are mainly sourced from the United States or Europe. Its essence is obtained by steam distillation of its seeds, herbs, flowers and stems. In other words, all parts of the dill are used up! Another particularity: dill goes well with absolutely all olfactory families. Therefore, it can be used for all kinds of fragrant applications. Commonly, dill is most often associated with ferns, aromatic flavors, spicy juices or chypre essences. Both simple and complex, dill unfolds in essences which contain a very particular flavor.It is both sweet but slightly anise, revealing a certain bitterness in its wake.

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